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As an innovative truck driver staffing agency in Dallas, we are committed to providing excellent service to both our clients and exceptional employment opportunities to our drivers.

Our mission is to win with W.O.W.

Workforce. Optimized. Win.

When you are looking for truck driver jobs in Dallas, you should think of Fluid Force.

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For more information about our local truck driver jobs, contact Fluid Force at (877) 483-5843. We are happy to share our latest employment opportunities.

FluidForce is a new kind of staffing agency for the trucking industry

FluidForce is a new kind of staffing agency for the trucking industry. Using innovative processes and a keen focus on the highest standards of quality, our team offers unparalleled services to both truck drivers and trucking companies in the Dallas area, across the state of Texas and throughout the United States.

Above all else, our services and the way we treat our truck drivers and clients is rooted in our philosophy of W.O.W.—which stands for Workforce. Optimized. Win. Through our dedication to treating people with respect, our deep knowledge of the field and our ability to meet our clients’ diverse needs, FluidForce is quickly becoming the country’s leading trucking industry staffing agency.

Assisting trucking companies

staffing needs

The success of a trucking company relies heavily on finding skilled and qualified truck drivers to fill key roles. When you work with FluidForce, you gain access to highly talented and well-trained drivers, whether you need a driver on demand or a more long-term solution for your fleet optimization efforts.


COMPETITIVE PRICING: We provide upfront, honest and completely transparent pricing, so you know exactly how much you’ll need to invest in your truck driver hiring and recruitment.

PEACE OF MIND: All of our drivers are thoroughly screened and background checked, giving you greater assurance that you’re hiring the right people for your business.

STRONG COMPLIANCE STANDARDS: We ensure that all of our truck drivers are 100 percent compliant with all DOT regulations and any other necessary industry requirements.

ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: With our on-demand services, you can bring on a truck driver in a short timeframe—which is especially helpful for expedited needs.

AAt FluidForce, we ease the burden of truck driver recruitment and onboarding. We understand this complex industry and know how to solve even your most difficult staffing challenges.

Exceptional opportunities

If you’re a professional truck driver, FluidForce offers you various paths to move forward in your career and take advantage of limitless job opportunities. We treat drivers with the utmost respect, as we know it’s your unique skills, training and experience that drive the U.S. shipping industry—and in many ways, our economy as a whole.

Great jobs and career opportunities for talented drivers

When you work with us, you have access to people and companies that respect and appreciate your hard work. We also offer highly competitive benefits and compensation packages, including:

Blue Cross Blue Shield health coverage
Free life, disability, vision and dental insurance
401(k) with company match
Excellent pay and performance bonuses
Employee Assistance Program


Are you ready to open up new career paths and secure a more flexible work schedule that allows you to spend more time at home? We invite you to explore the many opportunities offered by FluidForce.


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To work with a staffing agency dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations, give us a call at (877) 483-5843 or by contact us online today. We look forward to learning more about your needs and goals.