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Outstanding Benefits for

Professional Truck Drivers

Truck drivers have unique skills and backgrounds that make them invaluable to the U.S. shipping sector. At FluidForce, we believe that you, as a trucking professional, deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation, which is why we offer some of the most competitive benefits and compensation packages in the industry.

We go out of our way to take care of our people. When you work with FluidForce, you gain immediate access to the following:


Great clients: FluidForce works with a large number of reputable trucking companies known for their strong processes, healthy work environments and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. You’ll serve companies that respect the work you do and that treat you well.


Excellent benefits: You get access to world-class health and other benefits, including comprehensive medical coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield for you and your loved ones. We also offer free life, disability, vision and dental insurance, along with 401(k) with company match.


Competitive pay: In most cases, our truck drivers make at least $1,000 per week to start—and often much more. While there are many firms out there that offer good pay, there are few that can provide the consistency and variety of opportunities that FluidForce does.


A positive work environment: Working with FluidForce means you can have a flexible work schedule with ample time at home, along with outstanding performance bonuses and a wide range of opportunities and paths to move forward in your career.

In fact, you have access to the following compensation and benefits packages:

Blue Cross Blue Shield health coverage

Free life, disability, vision and dental insurance

401(k) with company match

Excellent pay and performance bonuses

Employee Assistance Program

Are you ready to

win with WOW?

At FluidForce, the services we offer our truck drivers are rooted in WOW—Workforce. Optimized. Win. And although we’re based in Dallas, we serve drivers across Texas and throughout the United States. To learn more about the opportunities and benefits available, please call (877) 483-5843 or contact us online today.